Our PADI Certified Dive Shop makes it easy to try out diving for the first time or to advance your certification level. Below you will find descriptions of the courses offered with us.All of them start right at our Dive Shop, located on our spacious dock. You will meet your instructor and go over the schedule for the day and become acquainted with your equipment. Our pool serves as a convenient location for the confined water sessions of the courses.

Please note that PADI standards allow that a maximum of three training dives can be completed in one day, therefor most courses must be completed over a two to three day period.

PADI allows a maximum of eight students to one instructor.

For diver safety and comfort our maximum ratio for students to instructors is four students to one instructor, as your experience is our priority.

DSD (Discover Scuba Diving) Course

Course fee: US$173.25

This course is for those who have never tried scuba diving before and a curious to have a go, introducing you to the basics of diving. It is a half-day course and starts with an explanation of the rules of...


Scuba Diver Course

Course fee: US$243.57

This course is an introduction into scuba diving with certification allowing for dives to 40ft while accompanied by a professional. It typically takes a day and a half to complete. The course involves some academic work, with independent study. This...


Open Water Course

Course fee: US$487.14

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to scuba dive, discover new adventures or simply see the wondrous world beneath the waves, this is where your adventure begins. This course on average takes three days and includes a text book....


PADI E-Learning Course

Course fee: US$437.14

The Open Water Diver certification has 3 segments, Academic, confined dives (pool exercises) and four open water dives. The PADI E-Learning option gives the opportunity to complete the academic portion online at your own pace. Upon completion, no need for...


Open Water Referral Course

Course fee: US$332.44

This involves students who have completed all academic work as well as the confined water sessions either at home, or have an uncompleted certification. Here we complete the certification with the four open water dives on a schedule that suits...


Advanced Open Water Course

Course fee: US$409.50

This course is perfect for anyone looking to further their skills and knowledge as a diver and involves 5 adventure dives. These can be chosen from a list of many. There are two mandatory dives, one focused on depth and...


Rescue Diver Course

Course fee: US$650

This course is perfect for every diver. It teaches how to deal with many situations that could arise in any diving situation, from a tired diver on the surface to an unresponsive diver at depth. Your instructor will set you...


Divemaster Course

Course fee: US$850

This course is the first professional level of diving within the PADI system. It not just aimed at those who want to become a professional but for those who want to hone their skills as a diver. This course will...