Blue Hole Full-Day

Blue Hole

This trip is a full day, three dive trip including breakfast, lunch, all drinks and snacks. The journey to the Lighthouse Atoll on average is two and half hours. The first dive is at the famous Blue Hole, with a mandatory 130ft dive depth. The reason for this is due to a channel at 130ft that has 30ft long stalagmites and stalactites that the divers can dive between and explore. Due to the depth of this dive, dive time is a maximum 25 minutes. Upon surfacing, fruits, snacks and drinks are served, and then the ride to the next site begins.

The next dive at Half Moon Caye Wall is very different from the local diving near Ambergris Caye. Here sightings of the Caribbean Reef Sharks are common as well as Nurse Sharks, Spotted Eagle Rays, Sting Rays and a wide variety of fish. All dives after the Blue Hole are drift dives and the boat will pick you up upon surfacing.

A traditional lunch is served at Half Moon Caye, with an opportunity to explore this island afterwards. It is a Natural Monument and was the first protected area in Belize, due to a spectacular colony of Red Footed Booby Birds.

The final dive of the day is at the Aquarium on the tip of Long Caye. Many creatures that typically hide at depth are visible here including highlights like sea feathers and lace coral, as well as many macro highlights.Weather conditions can cause dive sites to change in order to maximize diver experience and comfort. Poor weather can also cause the journey times to increase. Snorkeling is available at all sites on this trip, making it the perfect trip for couples and families with a mix of divers and snorkelers.

Due to the distance of this trip as well as the challenging nature of the first dive, there are a few requirements that we will need all divers to meet before completing the trip.

All divers will need to complete at least one local deep dive with us, so staff can assess whether they are ready for the depth of the Blue Hole. We also require a full PADI medical statement to be completed. If there are any yes answers on this statement then a medical professional will be needed to authorize the diver for the trip.

blue hole dive specs

Turneffe Atoll Full-Day

Turneffe Atoll is the largest of Belize’s atolls, being 30 miles long and 10 miles wide. It is also the closest atoll to the mainland. The day begins at 5:30am, paperwork is done while a continental breakfast is served. We depart at 6:00 am for a 2.5 hr boat ride to our first dive site at Turneffe Atoll, the Elbow. It is a wall dive known for the many pelagic species that congregate here.

This site really shines during the full moon, as the currents and tide converge bringing thousands of fish to the area. The Captain will choose the second site depending on weather conditions, often we include Myrtle’s Turtle.

The colorful name comes from a 100 year old green sea turtle that has been sited here for decades and is known to be friendly with divers. Lunch is served on boat afterwards.

A third wall dive is done at site chosen by Captain depending on weather conditions. Frequently we end the day with a dive at Front Porch.

This is a deep dive along a steep wall. Return to Ambergris Caye around 4:30 pm.

turneffe dive specs