If you are looking for rest and relaxation during your stay, look no further than Costa Blu’s spa services. Our mobile spa partner, Escape Day Spa, offers a variety of unique massage options and spa packages.

Locally Sourced Ingredients

The spa menu uses locally sourced organic products as much as possible. In the verdant land of Belize many of these products can be found close to home. Escape Day Spa’s signature organic coconut oil is sourced straight from the producers in Corozal Town. The oil is kept 100% pure, and is never mixed with any other oils.

Organic seaweed is grown and harvested by the Placencia Co-op. This seaweed extract is used in the Seacret facial along with other natural ingredients to restore dehydrated skin. Organic Mayan chocolate is also used in some facials as well.

Spa Packages

Escape day spa offers Swedish, deep tissue, signature, and foot massages. They can be performed in the resort’s spa palapa, or in the comfort of your room. Couples massages are one of the most popular massage specials. Additional spa packages include manicures, pedicures, body treatments, and a variety of facial options.

One of the more popular options is an aloe body treatment. After spending a long day in the sun, skin can feel dull, dry, and maybe a little sunburned. A blend of fresh aloe from our garden, combined with lavender and cucumber soothes sun exposed skin.

Additionally, if you are looking to celebrate a special milestone, or if you are recently engaged or married, Escape Day Spa is happy to put together a spa package that includes the options you are looking for.

If you have any questions, or would like to book your spa package today please contact guest services at [email protected].