Scuba diver close-up with others in the background
Course fee: US$409.50

This course is perfect for anyone looking to further their skills and knowledge as a diver and involves 5 adventure dives. These can be chosen from a list of many.

There are two mandatory dives, one focused on depth and one on navigation. The rest are up to you. Once you have met your instructor, collected your manual and equipment (if needed), we’ll arrange a schedule that suits you.

We will also decide on the final three adventure dives that you would like to complete.

Once decided the instructor will ask you to gear up your tank to give you a quick refresher and get you familiar with our equipment if you are using it.

They will brief you on the dive and explain any tasks they need you to complete on the dive.

The dives can take place at either the Hol Chan Marine Reserve or on the barrier reef dependent on the choices of dives you choose. The course lasts approximately two and a half days.