Aside from diving, Costa Blu Adults Only Beach Resort is also known for fun on top of the water. If you’re looking for an adventurous day on the water look no further.

Resort Relaxers

What better way to explore the calm waters than on a stand-up paddle board (SUP board). Since Belize is protected by the second largest barrier reef system, the waters off the coast are calm, and do not experience strong waves. The calm warm waters provide the perfect SUP board experience. Kayaks are also great way to explore the waters while providing a more stabilized environment if you aren’t ready to be as exposed to the water. Both SUP boards and kayaks are complimentary from Costa Blu.


Enjoy a calm ride on one of our Catamaran boats. Half day (4 hours) and full day (6-8 hours) trips are available. Most trips include refreshments and lunch, however some trips do not since you will be visiting other cayes and exploring. When you book your sailing excursion you can discuss different aspects and choose your trip accordingly. The dive shop +501-615-9762(main), +501-615-1287(wp_4) or Tamara at [email protected] will be able to help set up your trip.

Thrill Seekers

If you are looking for an adrenaline rush try jet skiing or kite surfing. Experience the rush of the water around you as you travel at fast speeds. The Caribbean waters provide a safe environment for water activities since the reef protects you from waves and rough waters. Since the jet skis can accommodate two riders at a time, you’ll be able to explore the water with your friends, or significant other.

Kite surfing provides a similarly liberating experience. If you never tried it, or if it’s your favorite sport, kite surfing in Belize is a once in a lifetime experience. The calm waters make it a perfect spot for all experience levels.

If you’re looking for a more adventurous activity for the two of you, take a ride on a banana boat. It can hold up to six riders so everyone will be able to enjoy this adventure. The banana boat is a large banana shaped raft usually pulled by a jet skit. This raft ride is a fun time for all ages. Bounce around as you travel back and forth over wakes.

There’s no limit to adventuring on the sea. To arrange usage of this equipment, contact the front desk at 501-670-4691 or [email protected]. Additionally, you can contact the dive shop at 501-615-9762(main) or 501-615-1287(wp_4).