Our tropical climate lends itself to outdoor dining under the stars. This romantic dining option is great for couples celebrating engagements, weddings, honeymoons, and anniversaries. Additionally, it’s a great time to celebrate a beautiful evening in Belize. Being on vacation in a tropical island is a reason in itself to have dinner under by the Caribbean.

Dining Service

When you have a private candlelight dinner, a private service staff will be there to take care of any need you may have. A special menu is selected by you, or you can order from the a la carte menu if you want more variety. Special requests for desserts or wines can be made if there is a particular item you would like for your evening.

Since you are in charge of the menu we can accommodate for any food allergies. Please let us know of any allergies ahead of time so we can prepare your meals with extreme care. Additionally, dinner is served between the hours of 6pm-9:30pm to accommodate for all eating schedules, and time differences related to traveling.

We are more than happy to help coordinate your special candlelight dinner. To make dinner reservations contact the front desk, or restaurant at [email protected] or by phone 501.670.4704.