Dive Facilities

A day’s diving begins mere steps from your room on our spacious dock, custom-designed to maximize your experience.

Our PADI 5 star dive center combines the best in Belize diving with top-notch customer service. We service our equipment regularly to ensure diver’s comfort, and replace it every two years with the latest in diving technology. For quality control purposes, we fill our own tanks and can ensure that every tank is filled adequately and none of the tanks are contaminated.

As further commitment to your experience diving with us, we employ low ratios of divers to Divemasters, and divers to instructors, never going above 6:1 on dives and 4:1 on our certification courses.


All of our diving boats are fully equipped with emergency oxygen units, cell phones for emergency communications, first aid kit, life jackets, fire extinguisher and spare equipment.

The boats are covered with a canopy to protect divers and snorkelers from the heat of the sun. Tanks are stored at the back of all out boats; there is space under our seats to place fins, masks and other personal items.

Also available are rinse buckets for cameras and masks if needed. There is a dry area in the bow of the boat for items that you would not like to get wet and a supply of purified drinking water on board at all times.

Our two diving boats are back roll entry and deep water exit for diving.

34 ft dive speed boat powered with a 150 hp motor.Maximum divers (10)

26 ft dive/snorkel speed boat powered with a 1200 hp motor. Maximum divers (6). Maximum snorkelers (12)