Rescue Diver
Course fee: US$650

This course is perfect for every diver. It teaches how to deal with many situations that could arise in any diving situation, from a tired diver on the surface to an unresponsive diver at depth.

Your instructor will set you up with equipment (if needed) and with your text book. All academic work here is on an independent basis, with a review session before the end of the course to ensure that you have a full understanding of the knowledge behind the course.

The course involves confined water and open water sessions before final scenario practice. Here you practice for many potential problems that you may face as a diver, including tired and panicked divers.

Your instructor will teach you how to rescue a buddy in a safe manner for you both.

Once you are comfortable with these skills then you are put into real life scenarios where you will be asked to choose which of your newly learnt skills will be most appropriate and put them into practice.

This course lasts approximately three days, and you must have a valid first aid qualification within the last 12 months. If you do not have a valid first aid qualification then we have an EFR course that is perfect to accompany the rescue diver course.

It includes CPR as well as primary and secondary care.