Scuba divers
Course fee: US$850

This course is the first professional level of diving within the PADI system. It not just aimed at those who want to become a professional but for those who want to hone their skills as a diver. This course will last approximately two weeks. Once you have booked your course, you will meet your instructor who will become more of a mentor during this time.

There is academic work involved in this course which will be completed independently but review sessions will be held with the instructor to review your progress and to ensure your understanding.

The course involves skill improvement and a final assessment, to demonstrate that you can perform the skills required to an instructor’s standard; a boatman-ship exercise, which involves learning how to secure a boat, ensuring the boat is prepared for a dive trip and giving a briefing to a group of divers.

There are also a series of tasks to ensure you are comfortable in water, including timed free swim, snorkeling and treading water.