frozen coconut mojito

Coconut Mojito

Fan favorite cocktail recipe- The Coconut Mojito Perfect for any occasion, especially when you may be wishing for a bit more sunshine.  Our Coconut Mojito will bring those memories of lounging by the pool in the Caribbean breeze rushing right back.  Mix some up today! Coconut Mojito Print Recipe Cococabana Pool Bar Recipe at Coco […]

Belize Bucket List 2017

Why Belize Needs to be on Your 2017 Bucket List

The beauty of traveling to a destination that you have already visited is that you know what to expect, and with a country as diverse as Belize, that doesn’t mean you must have a repeat of your last visit. There is a whole host of new adventures waiting.  We’ve put together our Belize Bucket List […]

Belize Weddings

Belize Destination Weddings with Sandy Point Weddings

Whether you are planning an intimate ceremony or a large beach reception, the Sandy Point Weddings team has a host of options to fit every couple. Choose from our 5 resorts and 7 reception venues to find the perfect match for your dream destination wedding in Belize. Getting married on Ambergris Caye, Belize is easy […]


The Belize Zoo’s Newest Exhibit Opens! Chiqui the Jaguar’s Story

Thanks to the swift action, bravery and human compassion of the Friends for Conservation and Development- FCD Belize, the Belize Forest Department and the Belize Wildlife & Referral Clinic, little “Chiqui” was saved in June of 2016 and is now thriving.  There were many conservation heroes along the way to this little cub’s survivor story, […]

8 Sure-to-See Fish on your Belize Dive

8 Sure-to-See Fish on your Belize Dive

While some creatures may be just as prevalent, they are shy and tend to hide when divers appear, or are simply nocturnal (one more reason to try a night dive!).  Not so with this crew.   Instead of scanning over them in search of something flashier or hiding in a crevice, take a moment to nod […]