enjoy mainland belize tours

Enjoy Mainland Belize Tours

Tuff E Nuff Tours Our tour partner, Tuff E Nuff Tours, can be found at each resort in the Sandy Point Resorts collection.  The award-winning company has a dynamic staff of the highest qualified and licensed guides and a reputation for excellence.  Their long list of mainland excursions makes it easy to find the trip […]

Spotlight on San Pedro Town- a Practical Guide for Travelers

The only town on the island is San Pedro, where the majority of businesses, the airport, ferries, water taxis, banks and gas stations are. As the island is long and skinny, so too is San Pedro Town. There are just a handful of streets which can become congested during peak times. Golf carts are the […]


What You Need to Know About Green Season in Belize

Belize is a tropical country, with rainfall totaling 60 inches in the north and up to 160 inches in the south, annually. While we don’t have the same seasons as our neighbors to the north, we do have distinct seasons. The dry season, February-May, coincides perfectly with Spring Break and typically is hot and dry, […]


Be A Benevolent Visitor Under The Sea

Do not: Chase or otherwise harass the wildlife Tempting though it may be to entice a moray eel out of its hidey hole for a better look, hug a nurse shark or swim along a green sea turtle, resist. A lot of times, this advice is for your safety, as well. Many creatures sting, bite […]