Fun Facts on the Marine Creatures of Belize

Fun Facts on the Marine Creatures of Belize

Reef Coral Brain Coral- There are many species of brain coral, but they all have the distinctive ridges that look uncannily like a brain. A type of stony coral, this order makes up the building blocks of the reef. Sea Fans- These gorgonians look just like their namesake. They wave elegantly in the current and […]


Roundup of the Best Scuba Diving Sites in Belize

With water temperatures remaining warm year-round and the protected nature of the reef, it’s possible to find a fantastic diving experience at any time of the year. Home to three different Atolls, myriad cayes and many types of coral reef habitats, the diving found in this tiny jewel of a country is not to be […]


Be A Benevolent Visitor Under The Sea

Do not: Chase or otherwise harass the wildlife Tempting though it may be to entice a moray eel out of its hidey-hole for a better look, hug a nurse shark or swim along with a green sea turtle, resist. A lot of times, this advice is for your safety, as well. Many creatures sting, bite […]