Fun Facts on the Marine Creatures of Belize

Fun Facts on the Marine Creatures of Belize

Reef Coral Brain Coral- There are many species of brain coral, but they all have the distinctive ridges that look uncannily like a brain. A type of stony coral, this order makes up the building blocks of the reef. Sea Fans- These gorgorians look just like their namesake. They wave elegantly in the current and […]

Christmas-Traditions-in Belize

Christmas Traditions in Belize- Recipes to Try!

Rum Popo This is the tropical equivalent of eggnog. Best when mixed up fresh, you can also find this pre-bottled around the holidays at most grocery stores in Belize. For the maximum flavor, prepare your rum a few days in advance, giving it time to infuse with the raisins and cinnamon stick. Short on time? […]


Celebrating Christmas in Ambergris Caye with a Beach Vacation

The holiday season is a great time to vacation in a tropical destination.  School is out for a long winter break and the temperatures are hovering near freezing. With Belize just a few short hours away from many flight hubs in North America, you can bring your celebration to a warmer climate. You might think […]


Popular Hiking Tours for Your Belize Vacation

Hiking Tips Bring your camera and binoculars, the myriad wildlife and birds to be seen in Belize are worth a closer look. Drink plenty of water and use sun protection to avoid dehydration. Wear long trousers and a lightweight long-sleeved shirt to prevent insect bites. Sturdy closed-toed shoes are recommended for all hiking tours. Stay […]