Popular Hiking Tours for Your Belize Vacation


With much of its land still forested and under protected status, Belize has countless hiking opportunities. On the mainland, you can hike in the jungle, scale the tallest peaks in the Maya Mountains, rappel into a sinkhole and walk through howler monkey habitat. There is something for all abilities and interests. The many national parks, cultural monuments, and forest reserves ensure that these natural wonders stay pristine and preserved for future generations. The most popular hikes are highlighted below, with some insider tips to ensure that your hike is the best that it can be.

Hiking Tips

  • Bring your camera and binoculars, the myriad wildlife and birds to be seen in Belize are worth a closer look.
  • Drink plenty of water and use sun protection to avoid dehydration. Wear long trousers and a lightweight long-sleeved shirt to prevent insect bites.
  • Sturdy closed-toed shoes are recommended for all hiking tours.
  • Stay on the marked trails. There are many plants with defensive mechanisms like thorns, poisonous sap, and even symbiotic stinging ants. Ere on the side of caution and do not touch the flora.
  • Venomous snakes are present in Belize, though they are not often seen. Always look before you step, especially in the jungle.
  • Brief rain spells may occur, consider bringing a plastic baggie or small dry bag to keep any electronics dry.

Easy Day Hikes

The Belize Zoo

Length: 1-2 hours
Difficulty: Easy. Accessible for wheelchairs and strollers, with paved walkways.
Location: Mile 29 George Price Hwy, halfway between Belize City and Belmopan.
Highlights: See over 45 species of Belizean animals, all in their own tasteful natural exhibits. All of the animal ambassadors are either rescues that are unable to live in the wild, former pets or were born in the zoo. You can get up close and personal with the native creatures, in a unique educational setting.

Community Baboon Sanctuary

Length: ½ day
Difficulty: Easy
Location: Bermudia Landing, outside of Belize City
Highlights: This community conservation project has successfully protected the habitat of the Yucatan Howler Monkey amongst the village and homes of the people that live here. The walking paths of this guided tour let you see wild monkeys- remember to never touch or feed them, as tempting as it may be.

Guanacaste National Park

Length: 1-2 hours
Difficulty: Easy
Location: Belmopan City
Highlights: This small national park sits right outside the capital city. Several well-groomed hiking paths wind their way through the park. The Belize River flows alongside and brings a variety of birds and wildlife to the area. The park is managed by the Belize Audubon Society. This is a great stop to get out and stretch your legs.

Maya Monuments

Length: ½ day
Difficulty: Easy to moderate
Location: Xunantunich & Cahal Pech in the Cayo District, Altun Ha, and Lamanai outside of Belize City
Highlights: Combine a hands-on history lesson with some light hiking as you tour any of these archaeological sites. The grounds of these sites are maintained with hiking trails and you can also climb up to the top of several of the pyramids. Remember that these are sacred sites and should be shown respect and reverence.

Moderate Day Hikes

Tiger Fern Hike

Length: ½ day
Difficulty: Moderate to difficult
Location: Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary
Highlights: This hike is 2.6 miles and is up a steep hill to a scenic overlook of the Cockscomb Basin. Victoria Peak, the 2nd highest point in Belize, can be seen on clear days. The real treat to this hike is the double waterfall on the other side of the overlook. The clear, cold water is perfect to cool off in before hiking back down.

Difficult Day Hikes

Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave (ATM Cave)

Length: Full day
Difficulty: Very strenuous
Location: Teakettle Village, Cayo District
Highlights: This is an impressive cave system, accessed by a 45-minute hike through the jungle. Once you reach the cave entrance, you swim through the stream and climb into the cave. While the cave is over 4 miles long, tours are conducted only through the first 2/3’s of this, for safety reasons. Maya artifacts including pottery, stone tools, and crystallized skeletons can be seen.

Black Hole Drop

Length: Full day
Difficulty: Very strenuous
Location: Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve in Western Belize
Highlights: Get your heart pumping with a 300’ rappel drop into “The Mother of All Caves,” Actun Loch Tunich. The tour begins with a strenuous hike to the edge of the sinkhole. Once you reach the bottom, through the treetops and onto the jungle floor, enjoy a picnic lunch before climbing out.
Overnight Hikes

Victoria Peak Trek

Length: 3-5 days
Difficulty: Very strenuous
Location: Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary in the Maya Mountains of Southern Belize
Highlights: This difficult hike can only be done during the dry months, and is weather-dependent. Vic Peak is the 2nd tallest in Belize, at 3,688 feet. The first 17 miles are a steep hike before you begin the ascent. Once you reach the top, enjoy stunning views of Southern Belize.