Fun Facts on the Marine Creatures of Belize

Fun Facts on the Marine Creatures of Belize

Reef Coral Brain Coral- There are many species of brain coral, but they all have the distinctive ridges that look uncannily like a brain. A type of stony coral, this order makes up the building blocks of the reef. Sea Fans- These gorgonians look just like their namesake. They wave elegantly in the current and […]

Overview of Belize Snorkeling sites

Overview of the Best Belize Snorkeling Sites

Hol Chan Marine Reserve & Shark Ray Alley Hol Chan Marine Reserve is a large protected area located between Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker.  It covers several zones throughout its 21 square miles, each representing a different habitat.  Snorkeling at the cut is paired with a stop at Shark Ray Alley where you can swim […]


Be A Benevolent Visitor Under The Sea

Do not: Chase or otherwise harass the wildlife Tempting though it may be to entice a moray eel out of its hidey-hole for a better look, hug a nurse shark or swim along with a green sea turtle, resist. A lot of times, this advice is for your safety, as well. Many creatures sting, bite […]