Diver’s Ultimate Spring Break Belize Itinerary!

At Sandy Point Resorts, we pride ourselves in offering excellent scuba trips.  With our prime locations on Northern Ambergris Caye, literally just minutes away from the Belize Barrier Reef, there are almost endless options for dive sites.  This is a vacation after all, so allow us to take out some of the guess work.  Read on for our suggestions on how to occupy four days with adventure at Sandy Point. 

Day 1

Dive Sites: Mexico Rocks and Mexico Rocks Canyon

Mexico Rocks is the newest marine protected area in Belize!  The water is on average ten to twelve feet deep with excellent visibility inside the reef.  This area that you see right off the dock at Costa Blu Adults Only Beach Resort is a patch reef within the Northern Shelf Lagoon and has over 100 clusters of massive Boulder Corals.  These coral formations are rare in Belize and are known to occur in only one other area, off of Glover’s Reef, far to the south.  Though this a shallow dive, it’s a great way to dust of your scuba skills and get back into the groove if it’s been a while since your last dive.  The lack of current and great light make this an excellent site for macro photography as well.  The second dive is in the same area, but outside of the reef this time at a site called Mexico Rocks Canyon.  The depth ranges from 60-90’ and there is a small cave where juvenile fish congregate.

Day 2

Dive Sites: Love Tunnels and Chimney

If you enjoy swim-throughs, then Love Tunnels is the dive for you! This dive has three tunnels; two short and shallow tunnels and finally a deeper and longer tunnel. The first two tunnels are at an average depth of 60ft, they are close together and lead you to an area of dramatic canyon formations where you can see the spurs of the reef coming together to form archways. From these two tunnels under an archway leads to the second tunnel. This tunnel is longer and curves to a depth of 80ft at the base of the canyons. It is said that two underwater weddings have allegedly taken place here, hence the name.

The chimney is the second dive of the day, named after its resemblance to a chimney and fireplace, this dive has a swim through that opens up into a large cavern and exits at 85ft.  Sights here beyond the vase and barrel sponges and an array of coral whips and fans are the chances to see the marine life common to the area such as the Green and Hawksbill Turtles as well as the Nurse Sharks and Sting Rays.

Day 3

Dive Sites: Esmeralda, Tackle Box, and Hol Chan Night Dive!

The Tackle Box dive displays the best of Ambergris Caye’s spur and groove formation. The maximum depth on this dive can reach 100ft where the dive opens into a wide sandy bottom, here you can see the drop off into the blue, this is also where sightings of the Caribbean Reef Sharks are common, as well as Nurse Sharks, Spotted Eagle Rays and assorted Turtles. This is a dive site where you can explore some of our many swim-throughs, the dive steps up after the swim through and the rest of the dive is spent in an average of 60ft on the edges of the spur and groove canyons, keeping an eye out for the passing marine life.

The ‘Shark and Ray Alley’ for divers, Esmeralda has been a feeding site for over 30 years. This dive takes place in a wide sandy bottom at a depth of 55ft, here the divers are arranged in a semi-circle on the sandy bottom and are reminded to keep still. Nurse sharks from between 4-8ft as well as big grouper, snappers, and Green Moray Eels, are commonly seen; the rest of the dive is spent exploring the reef.

If you feel that diving in and of itself is a glimpse into a whole different world, wait until you try it in the dark.  As the sun sets, there is a changing of the guard out on the reef as most of the marine life you have been seeing on your dives find cozy hideaways to spend the night and the nocturnal species begin to stir.  The dive site is at Hol Chan where there is a maximum depth of 30 feet and underwater lights are provided.

Day 4

Mainland tour: Xunantunich Maya Site and Cave Tubing

Our most popular mainland tour is a combination trip, featuring an impressive ancient Maya temple followed by cave tubing down the Caves Branch River. This is an excellent option to round your Belize adventures, as you are not able to do any deep dives prior to flying.

Located close to the western Guatemala border, Xunantunich, meaning “maiden of the rock” or “stone woman,” features the country’s 2nd tallest structure, El Castillo, rising 130 feet. During its prime, Xunantunich served as a Maya civic ceremonial center and is known for its Eastern frieze depicting symbols of Maya astronomy and cosmology. Your tour of Xunantunich will be led by a knowledgeable guide and will include the history of the location, importance of each structure, and insights into why the Mayas fled this site. Should you be brave enough to venture to the top of El Castillo, you will be rewarded with sweeping views all the way to Guatemala.

The Cave’s Branch cave system is a subterranean site that was carved out of the limestone foothills of the Maya Mountains by the very active Caves Branch River.  Archaeological investigations note that the ancient Maya visited the site to conduct important rituals. Today’s visitor enjoys a unique opportunity to float through the refreshing waters of this unforgettable underworld while spotting amazing stalactite and stalagmite formations and small interior waterfalls. After gearing up in the provided equipment, you will then proceed on a light 30-minute hike through subtropical rainforest, including a river crossing, before coming to the cave’s entrance. Along your hike, you will have the opportunity to learn about medicinal plants as well as observe several bird species.  Upon arriving at the entrance of the cave, immerse yourself into the refreshing waters of the river to acclimatize your body before embarking on your 1.5 hr. journey through the cave system.

You Betta Belize It!  This four-day plan is merely a suggestion and example of the diversity of options.  There are many other dive sites and land-based excursions available.  Contact us now to begin planning your next diving trip!