Tips for Booking Cheap Flights to Belize


One of our most-asked questions is how to find the best flight options to Belize.  We’ve done the research for you and have the top tips for finding cheap Belize flights.  The tips are divided into three categories: the best time to book, the cheapest way to fly to Belize and booking your flight.  Peruse this list and try some, or all of these ideas to save big on flights to Belize.

Tips for the best time to book cheap flights to Belize?

  • Peak travel times will have higher-priced tickets, such as Christmas and during spring break. Traveling during the slow season and during weeks that are not in as high demand will have better airfare prices.
  • Flights tend to be cheapest on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, book during the week to save a little bit more on your flight.

Tips on the cheapest way to fly to Belize?

  • Fly from a major hub. Larger international airports have a higher volume of flights and airlines, therefore there are more opportunities to find budget airlines and competitive rates on flights.  Smaller regional airports might be closer to home, but often have a limited number of daily flights and airlines to choose from.
  • Use connecting flights. Adding even one connection can help to lower the cost of the airfare for your flight to Belize.
  • Compare prices, airlines, and dates. Though this can be time-consuming, it’s worth shopping around and doing some comparisons. If your dates are firm and cannot flex, check different airlines to see who has the best prices.  If your vacation dates are flexible, search for flights on a variety of dates.  Some budget airlines only fly one day a week, if you can make that day work with your schedule you can get their best price for your flight.

Tips for booking your flight to Belize?

  • Look for cheaper dates, as stated above.
  • Check your budget and be sure to note whether the airfare search includes taxes and fees, which often add a considerable amount to the base airfare fee that is sometimes advertised.
  • Use apps to find the best flight, and then book directly with your chosen airline.
  • Book during the week instead of over the weekend as rates do tend to fluctuate higher on the weekends.

This is the second installment in our Guide to Travelling to Belize, focusing on tips to save money on flights.  Click here to see the first article on Booking Your International Flight to Belize- Where to Start?  There is more to come soon, watch this space for even more tips and tricks to make the most of planning for your Belize vacation.


Tips for booking cheap flight to Belize