Booking Your International Flight to Belize – Where to Start?


As Belize gains popularity with travelers, flights are becoming more prolific. Many more direct flight hubs are being added throughout North America. With these new options, it is easier than ever to find cheap flights to Belize. With a little bit of research and these tips, you will be well on your way to an unBelizeable vacation. Enjoy traveling, without breaking the bank on Belize flights.

How to get the cheapest international flights?

Saving on a big travel expense, like international flights, leaves room in your budget for fun. Enjoy more dining out and snorkeling on Belize’s barrier reef. Spending time researching and comparing options is a great way to find cheap flights.

  • Compare airline rates. Check to see if you have airline loyalty due to points on a credit card or a membership program. If not, try comparing the rates of several airlines to find the best price.
  • Look at your travel dates. If your travel dates are set you are more limited in airfare rates than if you have more flexibility. Often, there are certain times of the month of the year that have lower rates.
  • Consider traveling from a larger airport hub versus a smaller local airport. As larger airports tend to have more airlines, there are more options for rate comparison. Some of the budget airlines, like Southwest, operate out of a limited number of airports.
  • Book a flight with a connection instead of a direct flight. Though not always the rule, often times a direct flight will cost you more than a flight with a connection.

Booking your International Flight in Advance

This is where advance planning can come in handy and save you some cash on your Belize flights. While it’s definitely possible to plan a spontaneous trip, it’s not always the most cost-effective. When finding cheap flights is a priority, booking well ahead of your trip is a must-do.

  • The general consensus for the best time to book your flight is several months in advance. Book as much as three to seven months out from your travel dates.

  • If traveling over a holiday, like Christmas, book as far in advance as you can. This will help you to get the best rate, as flights are likely to sell out.
  • The worst time to book is anytime within two weeks of travel when fares will be much higher. Avoid this if possible to save on your international flight.

What information do you need to book your international flight to Belize?

You’re ready to book! You’ve looked through the best flight options to Belize and compared flights. All that remains is to finish your booking. Here is the information that you should have in front of you when you are ready to buy your Belize flights.

  • Your travel dates. Double-check that you have the correct arrival and departure dates on your flights. Also, note if there are any overnight connections.
  • Full names of all travelers that you are booking for and their passport information. Infants and all children need a passport to travel to Belize.
  • Your Credit Card information that you will be using to buy the flights.

Keep these tips in mind while you plan your travel to Belize, and you can buy the best flights for your vacation. Be sure to stay tuned, as this is the first installment in our Traveling to Belize series. What for more comprehensive details, tips, and insider info. You don’t want to miss it. Belize is waiting!