September Celebrations in Belize – What’s all the fuss about?

A former British Crown Colony since 1862, British Honduras, Belize gained independence from England in 1981 on 21 September.  2016 marks 35 years of independence- Belize truly is a young country.  Belize still enjoys close ties to England as part of the Commonwealth and you will find Queen Elizabeth on our currency. Leading up to […]

Vacation + Spa Treatment = Bliss. Find yours with Escape Day Spa

Escape Day Spa is our proud partner at all Sandy Point Resorts.  In addition to a healthy variety of massage options and spa packages are the truly unique spa treatments.  The spa menu uses locally sourced and organic products as much as possible, and in the verdant land of Belize many of these can be […]

Sandy Point Resorts Pub Crawl!

Our properties on the northern part of Ambergris Caye have hidden little jewels in the form of fun and lively bars that everyone can enjoy.  The local flavors shine in our drinks but it’s the friendly and entertaining bar tenders that really stand out.  Let’s get started!  Grab your D.D. and a golf cart rental […]

It’s Not Just Coffee at Coco Café

Grab an espresso drink and pastry and you are on your way! The charming Coco Café is nestled near the pool at Coco Beach Resort.  The Café is a welcoming retreat, offering breakfast, coffee and sundry items daily, open from 7am-3pm. Breakfast is available from 7am-12pm with a combination of classic American and Belizean breakfast […]