Christmas Traditions in Belize- Recipes to Try!

Christmas-Traditions-in Belize

Belize is known for its great food and rich cultural heritage. If you are missing the warmth and fun of a Belize vacation this winter holiday, why not incorporate a tropical dish or two in your celebration? We’ve rounded up links to some of the local favorites that Belizeans across the country will be enjoying over Christmas. From a festive cocktail to the main event or a sweet treat- you may just find a new holiday tradition.

Rum Popo

This is the tropical equivalent of eggnog. Best when mixed up fresh, you can also find this pre-bottled around the holidays at most grocery stores in Belize. For the maximum flavor, prepare your rum a few days in advance, giving it time to infuse with the raisins and cinnamon stick. Short on time? Skip the raisins and use cinnamon extract instead. Most families in Belize have their own special recipe, handed down from previous generations. Try some yourself, and enjoy a Belizean twist on this festive favorite.

Belizean Rum Popo (Tropical Eggnog)

What you need:

9 Whole Eggs

4 Whole Nutmeg, grated (Can sub 1 TBS ground nutmeg)

2 Whole Cinnamon Sticks

1 Pint White Rum

5 cans Evaporated Milk

3 cans Condensed Milk

½ pound of Raisins


What You Do:

Total Time: 30-40 minutes

Decant the rum into a larger container and add the whole cinnamon sticks and raisins. Allow to soak for 1-3 days.

Strain the rum.

Soak cinnamon stick and raisins in rum for 2 days.

Add eggs to a bowl and beat well with an electric mixer.

Add evaporated milk and beat to incorporate.

Add condensed milk, checking for sweetness. You may not need all of the cans.

Mix in the grated nutmeg and the strained rum.

Mix again and store in clean, dry bottles.

Store in the refrigerator.

Shake well before serving.

Always drink responsibly!


Christmas Ham or Turkey

Traditionally, many families splurge on a turkey, ham, or both for Christmas dinner. These large meats are not often prepared throughout the rest of the year, often reserved for big holidays, weddings and other large gatherings. Try preparing your turkey or ham in the Belizean style this winter. Serve it with a side of rice & beans and fried plantain for an authentic touch. Click here for ham, and here for turkey!

Black Relleno

Cooler weather around Christmas in Belize is the perfect time for a hot soup. Black Relleno is a Mestizo dished often served around the holidays. Packed with protein, it’s sure to keep you going during this busy time of year. Chicken, pork, hardboiled eggs, and veggies are stewed down into this rich soup. The black coloring is achieved by using a local ingredient called Black Recado, a paste made from blackened ancho chile peppers. Try the recipe, here, and stay warm this holiday!

Black Fruit Cake

This is another Belizean traditional dessert, reserved for the holidays. It is a sweet cake, loaded with fruits, nuts, and rum! Typically baked and served from a metal holiday cookie tin, the top is decorated with more fruits and nuts. Black or caramel coloring is used liberally to give it a rich, dark finish. This isn’t your typical, tooth-breaking fruit cake.  Try the recipe here, or here.

Cook up something special this year and share your love of Belize with everyone at your next holiday gathering. These festive recipes are sure to add a bit of tropical flair to your celebration. Happy Holidays!