Belize Holiday Festivities – The Best Time to Travel

Belize Holiday Festivities

Belize is a popular vacation destination year-round, and there is arguably no bad time to visit. The vibrant culture and friendly atmosphere are on display at many Belize holiday festivities. As a tropical country, the temperatures stay balmy no matter when you choose to plan your Belize vacation. One of our most-asked questions is, “When is the best time to visit Belize?” The answer is highly individualized and comes down to the flexibility of your schedule and what you are looking for in a vacation. There is something for everyone and taking a moment to consider the time of year to travel will go a long way in planning your perfect Belize vacation.

Use our guide to get the scoop on Belize holiday festivities, the general vibe during the time of year you plan to travel and what the weather is likely to be.  We’ve divided the year up into five sections and break down everything you need to know.  Belize has a full calendar of public and bank holidays, some of which will be familiar and some that are unique to the country.   Read on for all the details, and plan your dream vacation to Belize now!

Winter Holidays

With colder weather setting in up north and kids out of school for winter break, it’s a perfect time to head south and enjoy time in Belize.  In December and January, the weather is often cooler in the 70’s and with lower temps overnight.  The rains have mostly stopped, making for perfect travel weather.  You can expect sunny days with cool evenings and the occasional rain shower to freshen everything up. Falling firmly during the high season, the tourism scene is hopping.  Many resorts will be full, especially around Christmas and New Year’s.  Likewise, all restaurants and tour operators will be in full swing, making it easy to find a great meal and plan unBelizeable adventures.

Winter Belize Holidays

  • December 25th- Christmas is a big deal in Belize and you will find parades, decorations and even lights on the palm trees. Read all about it, here.
  • December 26th- Boxing Day falls on the day after Christmas and is a public and bank holiday.
  • December 31st and January 1st- New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day bring the party. You’ll find festivities and fun as well as great food to feast on to bring in the New Year.
  • February 14th- Valentine’s Day is a great time to visit Belize and enjoy all the romantic activities.

Spring Break

This might just be the most popular time to vacation in Belize.  The hot weather has set in and it’s time for the beach!  Snorkel the barrier reef, relax at the pool and mingle with other travelers.  The dry season in Belize peaks in March and lasts through May.  Expect hot temperatures averaging in the 90’s with little-to-no rain.  Sun protection is a must!  Take time to plan your stay in advance as this is a peak travel time and resorts do tend to fill up, especially over Easter weekend.  Read all about what not to miss, here, take a gander at our scuba diving spring break itinerary, here, and get the full scoop on springtime in Belize, here.

Spring Break Holiday Festivities in Belize

  • March 9th- National Heroes & Benefactors Day is Belize’s day to honor those that have made a difference, including Baron Bliss who was Belize’s biggest financial benefactor. The public holiday is usually scheduled for a Friday or Monday to allow for a three-day weekend.
  • La Ruta Maya Belize River Challenge is held over the weekend of Nat’l Heroes and Benefactors Day. It is a four-day canoe race starting in San Ignacio and traveling down the Belize River to finish in the heart of Belize City.
  • Easter is a big holiday in Belize, with most businesses closing at noon on Holy Thursday. Good Friday and Easter Monday are both public holidays, making a four-day weekend.  Church services are held and Belizeans flock to the coast for the long holiday weekend.  Expect beach parties and large crowds over Easter.
  • April 22nd- Earth Day, while not a public holiday, is still celebrated throughout the country with conservation, clean up and protection efforts.
  • April 26th- World Tapir Day is a fun time to visit the Belize Zoo and marvel at Belize’s national animal, the Baird’s Tapir.
  • May 1st- Labor Day is a public and bank holiday
  • Mother’s Day in May is a day to celebrate Mom! A family day in Belize, you can find buffets and other special dining experiences to treat mom to the best.
  • May 24th- Commonwealth Day is a public and bank holiday that recognizes Belize’s history as part of the British Commonwealth.


Spending part of your summer in Belize is a must-do if you are looking for fun and adventure.  The major crowds have thinned out but tours, restaurants, and resorts are still going strong.  The rains typically return in June, though there are still many days of sunshine to enjoy.  The weather is hot and can be broken up by welcome thunderstorms passing through.  It’s a great time to take advantage of reduced summer rates at many places and enjoy adventurous excursions both on the reef and in the jungle on the mainland.  This is also the time of year when most fruits are in season, including the coveted avocado and mango, which are both plentiful all summer long.

Belize Summertime Festivities

  • Father’s Day is a great time to celebrate Dad and enjoy all that a Belize vacation has to offer.
  • Lobster Season opens in mid-June, bringing back the crowd-favorite to restaurant menus throughout the country.
  • Lobster Fests are held throughout the country. San Pedro, Caye Caulker and Placencia all boast their own, typically held in June and July.  Eat your way through every type of lobster dish imaginable!

Belize’s Green Season

When the rains come back in June, the entire landscape that has been cooked in the tropical sun greens back to life.  Fruits come into season and the hot weather is broken up with rain systems that come through.  The temperatures stay hot, starting to cool back down in October.  The green season also coincides with a lower volume of travelers, making this a great time to vacation in Belize if you are looking for a quieter experience.  The great bird migration is in full effect during this time, making Belize a mecca for serious birders and casual observers, alike.  The most festive month of the year is September, boasting two important patriotic holidays.  Flags, parades, and celebrations are easy to find throughout the month.  For more on Green Season, click here.

Green Season Belize Celebrations

  • September 10th- St. George’s Caye Day is a public and bank holiday in celebration of the final battle in the late 1700s between the Spanish and the British, giving British control of what is now Belize.
  • September 21st- Independence Day is the public and bank holiday that recognizes Belize’s independence from Britain in 1981.
  • October 12th- Pan American Day celebrates the arrival of Mestizos from Mexico and other cultural groups to Belize. It is a public and bank holiday.
  • Conch Season begins in October and lasts until June. A favorite in ceviche or fritters, don’t miss it!

Thanksgiving Vacations

A vacation in Belize is the perfect setting to count your blessings and take note of all that you have to be thankful for.  The month of November is the time of year that cool weather sets in and enjoyable temps in the ’70s and ’80s during the day make way for cooler nights.  Occasional rain can be expected as well.  Thanksgiving week tends to mark the start of a busier time for travelers, though you won’t find the heavy crowds that are prevalent during winter and spring break quite yet.  Enjoy the milder weather, space to spread out at your resort and great food.

Belize Holiday Celebrations in November

  • November 19th- Garifuna Settlement Day is a cultural public holiday, celebrating the arrival of the Garinagu people to Belize in 1832. Read more about it, here.
  • Thanksgiving- Though not an official holiday in Belize, many restaurants will put their own spin on the traditional turkey dinner.