The Secret Ingredients for a Romantic Getaway in Belize

You are really doing it, a romantic escape!  Belize is an ideal location, what better backdrop than the Caribbean Sea?  To make it an unforgettable trip, here are five ideas to make your sweetheart feel special.

Tell the hotel if you are celebrating a special event such as an anniversary.  They might surprise you with flowers on the bed or even a bottle of champagne!

Photo by: Jose Luis Zapata
Photo by: Jose Luis Zapata

Get a couples massage on the beach.  What better way to relax and unwind together?  Let the sound of the waves on the reef drift you away.

Couples Massage Costa Blu

Hire a local photographer to capture some shots of the two of you in paradise.  They will become treasured keepsakes and a great reminder of your dreamy vacation.

Couples Professional Photography
Photo by: Jose Luis Zapata

Get your heart pumping with a new adventure! Try scuba diving, climb an ancient Mayan temple or explore a limestone cave deep in the jungle.  Experiencing something new together will strengthen your bond and even if there are hiccups along the way, it will make for a great story!

Scuba Diving Couple

Take advantage of your gorgeous surroundings and book a private dinner on the beach.  What could be more romantic than a seaside meal under the stars?

Romantic Dinner by the Reef

The true magic of a vacation with your better half is simply spending time together, away from the distraction of your everyday lives.  Take full advantage of it with these tips and fall in love all over again.