How to Save Money on Flights to Belize- Tips


Insider tips on everything you need to know about getting the best price on flights to Belize is here! We’ve done the research, checked the apps and mapped it all out for you. Below is a summary of that information, all in one place so that you don’t need to go searching. For more information on any of the topics, click through to the original blog post for the full article.

Booking Your International Flight to Belize- Where to Start?

This blog post is all about booking your flight. Take a detailed look at some of the tricks to finding the cheapest international flights, like comparing airlines, flying from a large airport and choosing a flight with connections rather than a direct flight. The best time to book your flight for the cheapest price is discussed- the magic window seems to be 3-6 months before an international trip. Also included is the list of all the documents and info that you will need in front of you when you are ready to purchase your flights. To read all about it, click here.

Tips for Booking Cheap Flights to Belize

Some of our favorite tips for booking the best flight to Belize are given. A bit more detail is given here with concrete examples of the best time to book your flight, like on a weekday versus over the weekend. Peak travel times, like flights over the Christmas holiday, almost always have a higher price than flights at other times of the year. If you have some flex in your travel dates, take advantage of planning your trip on the cheapest day for flights. Some budget airlines fly only once or twice per week during the peak travel season in winter, choosing one of those flights can save on the cost of your airfare. For the full blog post, click here.

How to Find the Nearest Flight to Belize?

Some of the most popular direct flight routes to Belize are highlighted, including Houston, Miami, and Atlanta. Some of the flights are as short as two to three hours, letting you enjoy the tropical breeze sooner than you may have thought possible. The best websites for comparing flight prices, like Matrix ITA software by Google and are listed, as well as favorite apps that make searching and comparing cheap flights to Belize easier than ever. After using websites or apps, be sure to purchase your chosen flight directly through the airline’s website, for the best in customer service. Click here to read the blog post.

How Travel Insurance Benefits You

Why travel insurance is worth it for your Belize vacation, even though you hope to never need to use it. The different types of plans and coverage are outlined to help you navigate the many options that are available. Helpful comparison sites, like SquareMouth and Insure My Trip are useful for choosing the plan with the right coverage for your specific vacation. Most Belize vacations are sufficiently covered by plans that include car rental insurance, trip cancellation or interruption, medical evacuation, medical expense, and lost baggage. It’s often cheapest to buy insurance directly through an insurance company online, though it is worth checking with your existing insurance provider to see if they offer any discounts. For a full list of the benefits that come with travel insurance, click here to read the blog post.