How to Carve Out Alone Time on a Family Vacation

Carve Out Alone Time on A Family Vacay

Family vacation can be a wonderful bonding time.  It can also be a source of stress, especially if you are an introvert.  Finding time to yourself without offending the rest of your group is key- we share our top tips below.

Try to pick a resort that offers a lot of complimentary activities onsite.  If the rest of the family is content kayaking or splashing in the pool, they won’t mind if you slip out for a quiet walk on the beach, or even just dive into a good book in a hammock.

Hammock and Reading Time
Coco Beach Resort

If the property is large enough, it’s easy to “get lost” on your way back to the room and grab a few moments to yourself.

This is a great time to schedule that excursion you have been dying to try, even if fly fishing is the last thing anyone else in the group wants to do.  They are happy off on their own adventures, you get to try a new activity and bonus points, you just might get some time alone.

Fishing Time

Book a massage or other spa appointment ahead of time.  It will be an automatic break and a little pampering all rolled into one.  Even a long shower can do the trick in a pinch.

Massage by the beach

Fit in a workout, especially if it is a part of your regular routine.  No one will think twice about your exercise time.

Probably the most important tip is to keep an open mind.  Having a positive attitude can lead to not needing as much alone time as you thought.  If you set out with the intention of having a great time you might just surprise yourself.

Family Picture

Carve Out Alone Time on A Family Vacay
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