4 Tricks To Planning A Successful Romantic Vacation

Escaping it all with your sweetheart in a luxurious tropical setting is about as romantic as it gets.  However, studies show that vacations can be a source of strain on relationships.  Use these tips to make the planning process seamless and stress-free, so that you can fully enjoy your retreat.

Should you make the trip a surprise?  While the unveiling of a big trip sounds good in theory, it may not be the wisest move.  Especially if there is international travel or days off of work required, it might be better to plan together.  You can always add in an element of surprise by planning a special night out at a fancy restaurant or scheduling a romantic couple’s massage on the beach.

Romantic Dinner

Set a budget ahead of time to avoid potential conflicts.  Not only for finances but also for time.  Your spouse may have fewer vacation days or prior commitments that need to be taken into account. Agreeing on these beforehand takes the pressure off and sets clear expectations.

Travel Couples Budget

Think about the logistics of leaving home, especially if that means childcare needs to be coordinated or pets looked after.  You will both be able to enjoy your time away if you know that everything, and everyone, back home are well taken care of in your absence.

Child and Pet Care

Make a decision together as to how connected to the outside world you want to be.  It might not be practical to put an absolute ban on all electronics, but you might wish to make a “no TV” rule.

Couple Alone Time Coco Beach

Follow these four steps as you plan your next vacation and watch the romance bloom.  You’ll both appreciate the extra attention and return home relaxed.