Everything You Need to Know About Belize Entry Requirements

Belize Visa & immigration requirements

Traveling to Belize is easy and the arrival process is not complicated. Enjoy a smooth arrival by having some knowledge of the entry requirements for Belize. Review the needed passport and visa information as well as the departure process. Know what you can bring into Belize and how many pieces of luggage you can travel with. Prevent any travel hiccups with this information about Belize entry requirements.

Belize Visa Requirements & Traveling with Children

While you do need a visa to visit Belize, many countries enjoy an automatic 30-day visa.

  • For nationals of USA, Canada, the UK, Central American and Caribbean countries, or the European Union; an automatic 30-day visa is applied on arrival to Belize. If you are a national of any of those countries, you do not need to get a visa ahead of time. On arrival to Belize, the immigration officer will issue an automatic 30-day visa.
  • If you are a national of a country not listed here, you will need to get a visa from your country of origin. You can acquire this at the Belize Embassy or consulate there.
  • You will also need to provide the immigration officer with the name and location of your hotel.
  • When traveling with children under the age of 18, they will also need a valid passport and visa. The same visa procedures outlined above apply to children as well.
  • If the child will be traveling with only one parent or guardian, a notarized letter of consent must be provided by the other parent.

Passport Information for Travel to Belize

You need a passport to travel to Belize. When you land in Belize, you will need to have your passport ready for processing. International arrivals will need to present the following to the immigration officer:

  • Valid Passport. Please note that your passport must not expire less than three months after your trip.
  • Completed Embarkation Form. Flight attendants will hand out this form on your flight. Attached to this is a Disembarkation Form, which you will need when you leave the country.
  • All non-residents of Belize must have a return ticket to their country of origin. They will also need to give the date of their departure.

Belize Departure Process and Exit Fee

It is best to arrive at the airport two hours before your international flight. This allows time for checking bags and going through the departure process.

  • When departing Belize, there is an exit fee for all visitors. For guests traveling via the International Airport, this airport departure tax may be included in your airfare. If not, it is payable in cash at the International Airport. The total exit fee is US $55.50. There is also a $0.75 security fee for domestic security screening. All ticketed passengers pay the fees.
  • After checking in for your flight, present the departure immigration form for processing. You then proceed through security into the departure lounge and gate area.

Duty-Free Items and Nothing to Declare

Many guests choose to bring certain items to Belize in their luggage, as they may not be available here. Review which goods are prohibited or restricted, and which are fine to bring with you.

  • Common food items guests bring into Belize include protein shakes and name-brand snacks. If you are accommodating a specific diet, like gluten-free or vegan, bring the essential items you need. They may not be available to buy in Belize.
  • There are duty-free shops near the baggage claim in the Belize international airport. You may purchase duty-free items, including alcohol, there.
  • When entering into Belize, you must present the proper documentation to the customs officers. Their job is to inspect the luggage and collect the necessary tax or import duty. There are two categories of passengers- those that have items to declare (in which case a proper invoice for the items is required) and those that have nothing to declare or duty-free items.
  • Items that do not require you to declare are (per passenger, from non-European Union countries):
    • Cash up to US $10,000.00
    • Up to 1 liter of spirits (alcohol content over 22%), 2 liters of dessert wine (alcohol content 22% or less) and 2 liters of wine
    • Up to 250ml eau de toilette, and 60cc of perfume.
    • Up to 200 cigarettes, 100 cigarillos, 250g of tobacco, and 50 cigars
  • Restricted items:
    • Of particular note is the restriction of bringing drones into Belize, these must have a special permit from the Civil Aviation Department or are otherwise not allowed to be brought into the country.
    • Meat and its products
    • Live animals

Luggage Policy on International Flights to Belize

It is important to know your airline’s luggage policies before you pack for your trip. Plan which items will go in your carry on and which should be checked. Look into your airline’s policy on specialty items, like scuba or fishing gear.

  • Check with your airline on their website. Luggage policies can vary between countries, airlines. Review the limits on weight, the quantity of luggage, and policies on specialty items. Strollers and car seats do not count towards your luggage allowance.
  • Fishing gear- check with your airline for specifics. In general, a fishing rod case and fishing equipment bag count towards your luggage allowance. You may need to pay for extra baggage if you go over the limit. There are limits on the length and weight of these items.
  • Scuba diving equipment- Most gear can be brought in as regular luggage, counting towards your luggage allowance. This includes a regulator, tank harness and tank pressure gauge. If you are traveling with a tank, there is usually a fee, around US$150. Check directly with your airline for the specifics.

Belize Entry Requirements