Explore Northern Ambergris Caye, A Hidden Paradise Awaits!

La Isla Bonita, that is, Ambergris Caye, has a hidden, slower pace of life the farther north you go from all the hustle and bustle of San Pedro Town. Island life really shines “Up North,” as the locals call it. Our Sandy Point Resorts collection of award-winning resorts are all found North of the bridge that is the entrance to San Pedro Town on the island. Of our resorts, X’tan Ha Resort is located further than most and enjoys that island tranquillity that you picture when planning a Belize vacation. X’tan Ha Resort is located at 7.2 Miles North. While part of the attraction is a peaceful and private setting, there is plenty to do in this area without giving up the ambiance. 


On-site Activities 

X’tan Ha has the best beach on the island, and the shallow water and sandy shoreline is like a magnet, you might just spend all day happily relaxing by the sea. With Boox Balaam Restaurant just steps from the beach and the Beach Bar over the water on the dock, there is everything you need right at your fingertips. But even the most dedicated beach loungers like to explore beyond their beach umbrella from time-to-time. So, what exactly can you do? And are you restricted to how far your walkin’ legs will take you?

Dining Options in Northern Ambergris Caye

There are several excellent restaurants that offer boat transportation to and from dinner. Portofino, El Secreto and Mambo (at Matachica Resort) all provide this service should you like to sample more of the island’s cuisine. Of course, Boox Balaam Restaurant is available to dine at as well, from whichever resort you are staying at. It’s a ten-minute walk along the beach to either resort.  For a list of dining options on the island, click here.

Explore the Island by Bicycle

Looking for a fun adventure? Grab some of our rental bikes and cruise two miles on over to Rojo Beach Bar & Lounge. Guests always come back raving about their Catch-of-the-Day specials as they have their own fisherman right there. It doesn’t get fresher than that! Other bike-able destinations are Mata Grande Grocery and Aurora’s Grill, perfect to stock up on snacks and drinks for your stay and enjoy some BBQ.

Swim at Secret Beach

A relatively new favorite spot for locals and visitors alike is the Secret Beach. Although it is not so secret anymore, this hotspot is on the lee side of the island and as such, almost always has calm waters. A special bonus is that the seasonal sargassum seagrass is not present on this side of the island. There are several fun beach bars and restaurants, plenty of on-the-water fun to be had. Rent a golf cart and get directions at the front desk and you are on your way, the drive is about a half-hour. Be sure to plan your outing for daytime hours as the road to the beach is not lit at night, bring plenty of water and don’t forget your swimsuit!


We’ve all heard the stories about the state of the road as the pavement ends at Mile 3 North. Happily, repairs and maintenance are a regular occurrence and the gravel road is fine to drive with a golf cart. The key to a happy journey is to take your time and go slow over any rough sections. The Coastal Express water taxi also provides several transfers per day to and from town. Travel into San Pedro is certainly doable, but with all of these options right in the neighborhood, you might find yourself quite contented to stay closer to “home.”