Five Simple Tips for Your Destination Wedding

five simple tips for your destination wedding

You’ve said yes, set a date and decided on a destination wedding Belize. What next? Follow these tips to your Happily Ever After.

Hire a Wedding Planner

Probably the most important thing that you can do to alleviate the stress and make sure that your wedding is all that you have been dreaming of.  A local wedding planner knows the vendor choices available and has experience with bringing everything together smoothly.  They also will ensure that the marriage is legal and assist you with any extra paperwork your chosen destination may require.


The Dress

Ah, the dress.  It’s one of the most fun details of every wedding.  You’ll want to make sure your outfit is appropriate to the setting you’ve chosen.  If you are to be wed on the beach, consider a fabric that is not too fussy and that is lightweight.  You’ll also want to have a game plan for traveling with it.  Most brides choose not to check their dress, instead, try to board your flight early and ask to store the dress in the first-class closet.


Give Guests Advance Notice

In order to give your guests time to plan their travel to join you for your special day, send your save-the-date cards about 8-9 months in advance.  The invites should follow about twelve weeks before the wedding date.  This allows for passport applications to be processed if needed, childcare to be found and vacation time requested.  Also, having advance notice allows guests to book their accommodations early and take advantage of any group discounts or special rates available.


Involve your Fiancé!

Planning a wedding involves many details, no matter where it is to be held.  Sharing the work is a great way to begin your life together, and to ensure that none of the finer points are left out.  Two heads, and hearts, are better than one.




Consider the location of your wedding and choose local blooms to decorate your space.  Many countries have limits on the types of imported flowers allowed, and you can save your budget by choosing native blossoms.  Also, this will allow the beauty of the locale you have chosen to really stand out.



Sandy Point Weddings and our team of professional wedding planners, vendors and luxury resorts make it all simple with no stress.  Contact us today to get started!

With these steps tackled, you can relax knowing that your careful planning has set you up for a smooth transition into the land of the wedded.  Now to think about that honeymoon!