Pop the Big Question in Belize- This is Why!

Planning to ask The Big Question is generally fraught with nervous anticipation and a certain pressure to make sure it is a moment neither of you will ever forget. An easy way to qualm both of those fears is to propose while on a romantic vacation in Belize. It’s hard to stress while relaxing in a hammock on the Caribbean Sea. Belize has everything you need to plan that perfect moment. Gorgeous natural backdrop: check. Private romantic dining: check. Luxury beach resorts: check. Helpful staff that take your ideas and run with them: check. Un-Belizeable adventures you won’t forget: check. Read on for our best ideas for how to surprise your sweetheart with a Belizean marriage proposal, plus some pointers on how to pull it off seamlessly.

Plan a private dinner for just the two of you under the stars. Enjoy a table al fresco on the beach set up just for you. Candles, flowers and the peaceful sounds of the Caribbean Sea set just the right romantic mood. This is a great choice if you'd like to keep things traditional while still taking advantage of the tropical setting. To make it a surprise, plan ahead with the resort restaurant to have everything set up and twinkling when you arrive for dinner. 

Capture your spirit of fun and adventure by planning an Un-Belizeable proposal while having the time of your lives. Plan a snorkel or diving excursion for the two of you and go from there. Create a short scavenger hunt on laminated cards, with the final card stating the Big Question: Will you marry me? Get your fellow divers or snorkelers in on the surprise by unfurling a large banner to pop the question towards the end of your tour. Before your dive, laminate a special message and place it in a bottle. 

Have your divemaster or another diver plant the bottle in a strategic place your sweetie is sure to see it. Now for some practicalities. Keeping safety ever in the forefront, fill in your divemaster about your idea, and plan to propose towards the end of your dive. If possible, consider a multi-level dive site so that you are finishing in shallower water. To keep the ring secure, you might choose to leave it on board and do the traditional down-on-one-knee display after you surface. Or, simply tie the ring securely to your gear inside a pocket if you want to bring that bling underwater with you. An underwater kiss to seal the deal is not only romantic, it gives you a chance to practice your snorkel and regulator skills. Gotta keep 'em sharp!

If you want all the romance but prefer to stay above the waves, charter a Sunset Sail along the coast of Ambergris Caye. As the sun paints the sky you might even have dolphins playing off the bow. Belize brings it all and you couldn't plan better if you tried.

A champagne toast will complete the occasion, one neither of you is soon to forget. And the best part? You've now set the tone to involve Belize in all of your big milestones.

There is certainly not a shortage of adventures to be had for a destination wedding, on your honeymoon, or future anniversaries in Belize. Win, win!