5 UnBelizeable Ways To Stay Balanced On Your Vacation

Ah, vacation! The perfect time to unwind, unplug and indulge. But so often, our healthy habits go right out the window as soon as we are in a new locale. When it comes to wellness, habit is my friend. As soon as the familiar daily routine is gone, so too go eating right, exercise and drinking enough water. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Read on for easy ways to stay healthy on your next escape.

Start your day with a tall glass of water and a quick coat of sunscreen. Two of the simplest tasks, but becoming a dehydrated, sunburned person is not how I want to spend my precious vacation time. This starts me off on the right foot and sets the tone for my next adventure.

Adventure Belize

Aim to include one heart-pumping activity each day. I’m not one to keep to a rigorous exercise schedule while traveling, but movement always makes me feel better and can be a great way to see the local area. Rent a bike one day and explore the town you are staying in, take a long walk on the beach, find a seaside yoga class- the options are usually pretty enticing. And yes, snorkeling counts!

Stay Hydrated

Try as many new fruits and veggies as you can. Not only will they keep you healthy, trying new foods can be the quickest way to really get a feel for the local culture. My favorite way to do this is to try a fruit smoothie for breakfast. Healthy, tasty and filling!

Healthy Eating

Remember to bring any vitamins or medications with you. Pack those necessities and take them as you normally do.

Vitamins and Medications

Find some time each day to just sit and unplug. No phones or emails, just take in that stunning view. A little mental clarity goes a long way.


These tips and tricks keep me level so that the inevitable tropical cocktails, meals out or late nights don’t leave me dragging the next day. It’s all about balance and helps me avoid that dreaded sense of “needing a vacation from my vacation” when I head back home. The goal is to return to the daily routine feeling refreshed and renewed, not depleted and frantic. Feel free to share your top advice on staying healthy while on the road!