The mainland of Belize is unique in that over 60% of its land is still forested. The lush jungle and ancient Mayan temples found on the mainland provide a great contrast to island life and the Barrier Reef. An easy day trip, there are many mainland adventures that can be joined together to create your own unique itinerary. The tours below include Round-trip transportation between your resort and San Pedro Town, Round-trip local airfare between Belize City and San Pedro Town, a light continental breakfast and lunch, professional tour guide and all relevant park entrance fees. Choose from a wide range of activities including cave tubing, zip lining, Mayan ruins and jungle hiking. Belize is home to a diverse wildlife population, which is well-represented at the Belize Zoo. Combine two to make the most of your time.

  • Cave Tubing & Belize Zoo$240.00

    Explore the Caves Branch River cave system with a leisurely innertube float. Enjoy the stalagmite and stalagtite limestone formations. Continue on to The Belize Zoo, unique among it's kind. Accommodating only orphaned and rescue animals indigenous to the country, The Belize Zoo allows for up-close and personal encounters with the beautiful creatures of Belize.

  • Cave Tubing & Xunantunich$281.25

    This full day tour immerses you into the world of the ancient Maya, first by exploring the Caves Branch River by innertube. Following lunch and a drive to the Western edge of Belize, take in the ancient Mayan monument of Xunantunich. Climb to the top of “El Castillo” and enjoy vistas of neighboring Guatemala.

  • Cave Tubing & Zip Lining$281.25

    Spend an adventurous day in the caves and canopies of Belize. Start with a float through the Caves Branch River system on innertubes. Then zip and fly your way through the jungle canopy on a zip line system that gives you a birds-eye-view.

  • Pumas at the zoo Xunantunich & Belize Zoo$268.13

    Great for families of all ages, this trip combines the ancient Mayan monument of Xunantunich with The Belize Zoo. Explore Xunantunich with a climb to the top of “El Castillo” for a vista you won’t forget. Make new friends with the Jaguar, Harpy Eagle and Spider Monkey at the Zoo.

  • Mainland Tours Xunantunich & Zip Lining$298.13

    This day tour begins with time at Xunantunich Mayan monument where you can explore the plaza and temples of this ancient city. Following lunch, enjoy zipping through the jungle canopy on a zip line sure to thrill.

  • Black Hole Drop$300.00

    This is a full day trip. Due to its rigorous climbing and hiking, this is best suited for guests that are physically active. The “Mother of all Caves,” Actun Loch Tunich! Start with a vigorous hike to the edge of the sinkhole, which sits over 300 feet above the basin below, 200 feet above the rainforest canopy. Rappel down to the basin floor for an unBelizeable adventure!

  • ATM Cave Tour$300.00

    A tour for the thrill-seekers! Actun Tunich Muknal is a journey deep into one of National Geographic’s top 10 cave systems. A brisk 45-minute hike to the entrance of the cave system is followed by a swim through the river entrance to the cave. Don your headlamps and remove your shoes to safely scramble through the many chambers of this cathedral-like underworld.

  • Horse Back Riding$236.88

    See Belize by horse back. Enjoy a ride through the beautiful tropical broadleaf rainforest. Several itineraries are available depending on your equestrian experience, please be sure to discuss in advance of your booking. You will enjoy lunch at Banana Bank before proceeding to your second adventure or heading back to San Pedro.

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