What’s all the fuss about Springtime in Belize?

Springtime in Belize coincides with the dry season, practically guaranteeing hot, sunny days with nary a raindrop in sight. With temperatures peaking upwards of 90 degrees F, there’s no better time to spend all your days basking at the pool or taking part in a host of water sports. With this hemisphere’s largest Barrier Reef, […]

Don’t Miss This! Top 5 things to do on Your Ambergris Caye Vacation

With a true tropical climate, you will find warm temps and sunny days throughout the year.  The largest of Belize’s hundreds of islands, or Cayes (pronounced “key”), as they are called locally, is Ambergris Caye.  Dubbed La Isla Bonita by Madonna herself in her pop hit of the same name, the island’s only town is […]

Choosing Transportation on Ambergris Caye- Insider Tips

Taco Girl’s blog is a great source of info on all things Ambergris Caye.  Her page on local transportation, How to Get Around Ambergris Caye, is a thorough review of the various transport options available to locals and visitors alike.  A very instructive description of the San Pedro Town streets is also included: “I’ll start […]

Island Living- Where Does All The “Stuff” Come From?

Being such a small country, there are not many factories and most goods are made outside of the borders.  The country’s economy and largest industries are consumables and exported goods: citrus, banana, sugar cane, rice, seafood.  And one could also argue tourism. Belize imports just about everything.  A short list includes: machinery and transport equipment, […]

Photo Favorites, Contest Winner and More- Lobster Sunday Revisited

Five of our Sandy Point Resorts restaurants and bars came out to present the best in lobster cuisine.  Cocoblanca Restaurant and Coco Café of Coco Beach Resort, Temple Run Tavern of X’tan Ha Resort, Blue Hole Pool Bar of Belizean Shores and Blu Restaurant & Beach Bar of Costa Blu Dive and Beach Resort. Some […]