What’s all the fuss about Springtime in Belize?

Springtime in Belize coincides with the dry season, practically guaranteeing hot, sunny days with nary a raindrop in sight. With temperatures peaking upwards of 90 degrees F, there’s no better time to spend all your days basking at the pool or taking part in a host of water sports. With this hemisphere’s largest Barrier Reef, […]

Don’t Miss This! Top 5 things to do on Your Ambergris Caye Vacation

With a true tropical climate, you will find warm temps and sunny days throughout the year.  The largest of Belize’s hundreds of islands, or Cayes (pronounced “key”), as they are called locally, is Ambergris Caye.  Dubbed La Isla Bonita by Madonna herself in her pop hit of the same name, the island’s only town is […]

Belizean holidays- What is Garifuna Settlement Day?

The black, white and yellow colors of the Garifuna flag can be seen fluttering everywhere and surely there will be drum rhythms to be heard.  Garifuna Settlement Day is a public and bank holiday held each November 19th in Belize.  The day celebrates the arrival of the Garinagu to Belize in 1832, after escaping slavery […]

Simplify Your Planning- Checklist for Belize Travel

We are ready to welcome you to vacation paradise at a Sandy Point Resort in Belize! Use our handy checklist to ensure your journey will be a smooth one.  Though there are some logistics involved, our reservations team will take care of the details for you.     By following these easy steps, you’ll find […]